Intelligent Content Surfacing

GTG Corporate Solutions intertwine data and information with people. They are designed to facilitate organizational processes, therefore they reduce effort and rather offer possibilities.

Leveraging New Knowledge

Innovation comes from people collaboration and combining ideas. Therefore they need to have access to information that helps facilitate inspiration while having a space that helps keep track of of discoveries and ideas.

Activating Existing Resources

Many companies are unaware that so much of their valuable data sits locked away, being completely unavailable to the average employee. GTG Corporate Space Solutions specializes in bringing this information to the surface and making it accessible in work-related and social contexts.

Prolific Social Space

The outcome is an impressively wide range of communication and interaction possibilities. From collaboration environments and presentation facilities to community systems and staff-centric social networking designed to keep all employees interconnected.

Corporate Space

Corporate Spaces are semi-public or private environments provided by organizations for value creation or marketing. GTG creates spaces for our clients to host employees and visitors for business related purposes such as collaboration, presentations or purely functional work space.

Corporations such as companies, government departments and educational institutions have different types of spatial property at their disposal. Be it the physical space of offices, classrooms or retail environments or the virtual spaces of websites and internal information platforms. GTG works on converging these spaces into a manageable platform that's complimentary and productive.

Our Corporate Solutions are therefore perfectly designed for todays need for spatial management within knowledge intensive areas.

  • Creative Working Spaces (collaboration spaces, project rooms, labs etc.)
  • Corporate Presentation Facilities (customer centers, showrooms, brand spaces etc.)
  • Conference Facilities (meeting rooms, conference rooms, project rooms etc.)
  • Public Corporate Facilities (lobbies, hallways, tearooms etc.)

Our solutions

Community Systems

GTG Community Systems is a networking tool designed to connect people to people and people to information. Using a mash-up of relevant data sources, it serves as a platform on which people can explore the big picture and smaller detail at the same time.

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Interactive Brand Environments

Going beyond a standard presentation, GTG's Interactive Brand Environments create immersive brand arenas designed to attract and amazing clients and customers while giving companies and retailers constant flexibility and adaptability of their exhibit.

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ICS Back-End Technology

The ICS back-end software suite by GTG intertwines data with people and people among each other. Provided as a comprehensive set of modules, ICS can be assembled to a wide range of powerful solutions, fitting client's requirements exactly in functionality and size.

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