Smart Attention Grabbing

GTG Public Solutions are designed to actively stand out against the omnipresent white noise of standard communication solutions. Integrated in entertainment, shopping, or event environments, our software systems sense real-time information produced by the audience and blend it with advertising and wayfinding to relevant information for passersby – brought to the surface on fascinating and eye-catching media installations, the GTG TouchPoints.

Eye-catching Physical Presence

Our physical TouchPoints need to catch attention and fascinate users and viewers within busy environments. Therefore, we analyze our client’s situations accurately with regards to communication need, concept utilization and target audience. With our advanced technology modules, we realize precisely crafted solutions that stage themselves actively with kinetic hardware and striking design – operating in a startling way.

Integrating People Actively

GTG is taking the next step in digital signage and advertising by interlacing locations, people and content with context aware technology. Processing real-time data coming from the audience, our Public Space Solutions are able to display messages within a location-dependent and relevant framework – provided by our powerful ICS technology.

Public Space

Public Spaces are semi-public or public environments, built, owned and run with specific economic interest by GTG clients. They host visitors or users who are attending for private and temporary purposes such as entertainment, shopping or events

Public Spaces in our understanding are social communication spaces with an economical framework – people go there to both run their errands and also to meet and linger. Because the staying quality of visitors is key to attendance and dwell time, owners of shopping malls, airports and other public spaces are well advised to think about ways to enhance the experience on site.

Our Public Space Solutions are designed to enhance people’s stay in public spaces. They administer information relevant for them in the course of their visit, considering their needs and interests provided in an eye-catching and guiding way.

  • Information Signage (for wayfinding and site-specific information)
  • Displays and Billboards (for advertising and event support indoor and outdoor)
  • Iconic Media Installations (as iconic functional landmarks within a given environment)
  • Media Façades (for distinctive and attention drawing location staging)