3M Headquarter Community System

To reassert their brand idea – harnessing the chain reaction of ideas - within the physical space of their headquarters, 3M decided to provide a infrastructure that fosters collaboration and networking among each other. Together with architects Atelier Hitoshi Abe and Peter Ebner and Friends, GTG was commissioned to develop a technology infrastructure that provides ubiquitous access to the corporate knowledge and a platform for people to interact using the wealth of information available.

Initial Inquiry

  • In 2009, 3M started the headquarters transformation project “3M Community”
  • It should affirm 3M’s identity by communicating the brand values to guest and employees
  • An enlivened environment should promote connection and interaction between 3M employees while fostering community

Identified Needs

  • A holistic system that complements the architectural space with the virtual information space of 3M

  • Implementing "cooperative building" through several physical media installations, all fed by one highly innovative digital media system

  • A socio-technical system for supporting and augmenting human communication, to realize an interactive information, cooperation and collaboration landscape

The Client

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3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. The 3M Corporate Headquarters is located in St. Paul, Minnesota / U.S.A with 8.000 employees.

Delivered Solution

GTG ICS Backend System

connects all relevant data sources and transforms unstructured data into accessible and inspiring information.

TouchPoint Installation

  • Six Collaboration Hubs, consisting of interactive surfaces (touch tables and touch walls) and display surfaces (soffits)
  • The Exchange, a representative conference room with a 14x8.5 meter media wall and equipped with the Community System
  • Mobile application for instant access to the system anywhere on the campus on the iPad