3M Nordic Innovation Center

With the goal of making 3M’s technologies and innovations more tangible and easier to experience, GTG and Design Group Italia (DGI) have redeveloped and transformed the 3M Customer Innovation Center in Sollentuna, Sweden. The impressive technology and innovation show now allows for productive encounters between 3Mers and visitors on eye level.

Initial Inquiry

  • 3M's innovative technology has to be conveyed in an innovative way in itself.
  • Visitors should be provided with a new and better experience during and after the visit.
  • 3M’s brand core – harnessing the chain reaction of new ideas – should be demonstated as valid for all levels, from local to global.
  • The existing Swedish center should be renovated with a new design that serves as a driver for inspirational interaction between the company and its customers. It should become a landmark for Scandinavian customers, worth a trip from any Nordic country.

Identified Needs

  • Broader access to the world of 3M: Seeing, hearing, touching and interacting with 3M’s key technologies has to take place in a rich physical and digital space.
  • 3M’s technology should involve visitors emotionally with a “wow” effect.
  • The visit as a social experience: Instead of a unilateral presentation of products, visitors should interact both with the technology and 3Mers to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Customers should be provided with an added value. Their own needs should be discussed on site and they should go home with new ideas and solutions.
  • The center should be able to grow with 3M and its technology portfolio.

The Client

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3M is a worldwide operating multi-technology company. The company’s Technology Centers are high quality experience spaces to communicate the breadth and variety of 3M products, ranging from scrub sponges to medical technology.

Delivered Solution


Together with Swedish interior designer Alexander Ahnebrink, Design Group Italia designed space concept with three sections, "3M Works", "How 3M works" and "How 3M can work for you", implementing a fluid experience through the center.

 The design ensures visitors’ extensive experience of 3M technologies via physical, virtual and social interaction:

  • Trying out technologies first hand.
  • Search for additional information and pursue the topics that inspire them virtually.
  • Discussing approaches and solving problems in adjacent lounges and creative spaces.

GTG was responsible for the design and implementation of the digital technology parts.

GTG ICS Backend System

connects all relevant data sources and transforms unstructured data into accessible and inspiring information:

Digital Media Technology

  • Projection media, introducing visitors into the world of 3M
  • Interactive touch media, providing in-depth information about the presented technologies plus offering related topics for further exploration of visitor’s interest
  • Interface Design of the digital knowledge resources
  • Room control (power supply, media system) via iPad including interface design