Digital Towers at Changi Airport

In 2014 the number one outdoor advertising company in the world JCDecaux strengthened its advertising portfolio at Singapore Changi Airport – one of the busiest international travel hubs worldwide. GTG was commissioned to install Digital Towers to provide sophisticated moving digital advertisements at the arrival halls to deliver interactive, multidimensional campaigns that strive for maximum performance for advertisers and eye-catching fascination for passengers.

The Client

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  • The JCDecaux Group is a multinational corporation and the largest outdoor advertising company in the world.
  • Headquartered in Paris, France, and founded in 1964, the Group has 12.000 employees around the globe.
  • The Group is well known for its bus shelters advertising systems, billboards and street furniture. JCDecaux currently holds the advertising concessions at Singapore Changi Airport for Terminals 1, 2 and 3, and was named the Best Out-of-Home Media Company in Singapore for the 7th time in 2014.

Initial Inquiry

  • For 2014, JCDecaux cherry picked iconic sites at Singapore Changi Airport for the integration of state-of-the-art digital media landmarks.

  • The new installations should be big, bold and beautiful but also innovative, captivating and inspiring; complementing JCDecaux’s existing suite of static and classic digital solutions.

Identified Needs

  • The Solution had to provide a high level of versatility for fresh, experiential advertising.  
  • The Arrival Halls were identified as locations that would guarantee maximum coverage and frequency, as well as close proximity to passenger flows.  
  • The Solution had to complement and integrate the interior design of the identified space, yet offer maximum campaign visibility within the spatial restrictions. 
  • Content production and scheduling had to be easy, to allow for clients to pioneer the  innovative medium.

Delivered Solution


  • Strategically positioned between the escalators and staircase at both arrival immigration halls within Terminal 1, the Digital Towers are showcased as digital media landmarks for all exiting passengers. 
  • The Digital Towers are a customized & derived version of the TwistTowers from GTG
  • Standing at 7 meters in height, the Digital Towers were designed to be visible to passengers on both floors of each atrium. 
  • For versatility across multiple advertisers, modular stainless steel cladding was chosen for a timeless look and to allow additional customised wrappings to enhance selected campaigns.


  • A triangular totem with 3 rotatable layers, the derived TwistTowers also offer advertising visibility from multiple perspectives, each side offering approximately 5m2  of advertising space across 3 x Full-HD.
  • Powerful precision rotation function coupled with whispering decibel ratings ensure that the high quality content remains the centre of attention. 
  • The programmable screen rotation can be co-ordinated with customised image reproduction such that content can be run in synchronicity or individually.


  • Each Digital Tower consists of 9 individual displays that allow for high quality and creative, eye-catching content. 
  • Presented content on the displays may be designed to interact with the rotation layers and be adapted in real-time to situational needs. 
  • An elaborate Plug-In for Adobe After Effects delivers support to agencies for easy production of impressive content.
  • Both Digital Towers can be operated and scheduled centrally and remotely via an intuitive CMS, developed by GTG.