A Swiss Army Knife of a Billboard

The first instrument of its kind

The MetaTwistTower is the natural progressive step in the transitional development from analogue advertising space to digital static screen: A digital billboard chameleon that adapts to suit its environment in order to convey the optimal communicative objective. The variability of this new system outpaces common LED systems, not only regarding the attractiveness and effectiveness it creates in the advertisement space but also with regards to its broad scope of application potential. The MTT’s transformation ability directly pays off as performance strength. Its spectacular dynamic provides the MetaTwistTower with numerous options of displaying images in different ways; this greatly enhances the communicative effect of digital content creating an absolute eye catcher for any passers-by.

A new generation of digital communication systems

The concept of the MetaTwistTower is an intelligent answer to the complex challenge of optimizing public space advertisement; its implementation is a masterpiece in German engineering technique. The advertising space of the 3-sided tower consists of three independently rotatable layers, each containing three screen panels, and 9 LED modules. The folding and swivel mechanisms create an astoundingly wide variety of display options. Large scale full screens, wide format or rotating upright format, none of them are simulated through lens apertures but display content according to their design: rimless, full screen and in first-class quality.

Location Munich Airport
Partner Flughafen München GmbH
Category Digital out of Home
Used Media LED-Surface, Mechanics
Size 12 × 9 m
Special Quality Completely developed in-house
Project Website www.metatwisttower.com