xSlider Billboard Taipei

Taipei West Bus Terminal is one of the busiest traffic junctions worldwide. To stand out within this saturation of signage, vehicles and people, GTG developed with the xSlider a powerful billboard with extensive visibility through enormous scale and bright illumination. Its kinetic display units ensure distinctness for successful messaging from advertising clients.

Kinetic-Design: A Sliding Media Installation

With its radical kinetic design concept, the xSlider breaks new ground in the Digital Out Of Home field. Four individually controlled LED sliders glide horizontally across a massive billboard that runs 90° around a corner. The interaction of fixed and moving media elements allows scope not only for unprecedented creative productions; it also transforms the xSlider into one of the most innovative outdoor advertising platforms worldwide. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the entire glass facade of the bus station is illuminated in colors synchronized with the high-resolution moving images on the billboard, creating an additional captivating effect.

Effectivity: Maximum Attention

With this unique outdoor advertising platform, brands can engage and inspire audiences in ways never previously imagined. The xSlider is a media solution tailored to customer needs. As such it offers the most effective way ever of broadcasting brand communication in Taipei’s public space. Installed on the Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A, the xSlider instinctively catches the attention of everyone passing by, instilling a sense of awe in viewers. This means more than just high contact rates: With its stark visual impressions, the xSlider triggers fascination and long-lasting optical memories in the people who see your ads.

Dimensions: Simply a Great Concept

Not only built on a grand scale; the entire concept of the xSlider is grandiose. In contrast with other advertising formats in the public realm, it combines several attention-getting factors like size, moving images, kinetics and illumination to create an awe-inspiring stage for brands and products.

  • Total length: 43.2 m
  • Height: 4.8 m
  • Four moving sliders, each 2  m × 5.60  m
  • 270 sqm screen for your show
  • The center of the billboard is constructed at a 90° angle around the corner, making it visible for up to 270°.


Powerful Location: The World’s Ultimate Traffic Hub

There are few advertising locations in the world like this. The Guanqian Zhongxiao and Zhongxiao Chongqing intersections in the center of Taipei in Taiwan. A superlative location where the central bus station, a high-speed railway and a subway converge with a 12-lane main road. At the heart of this traffic hub; Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A.  On its roof, a highly visible media installation has been installed. One with a radical design that outperforms all other advertising media in the public realm.

People Flow: Millionfold Contacts

This massive traffic intersection guarantees a seemingly endless flow of people in the direct vicinity of the xSlider. The density and frequency of crowds passing by each day is comparable only to locations like New York’s Times Square or Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing. The perfect place for fascinating brand communication staged with the xSlider.

Facts and figures on the direct vicinity around Taipei West Bus Station Terminal:

  • Departure point and destination for a total of 330 bus lines
  • High-Speed Railway Station: total passenger volume of 1,8 million / month and 60,000 / day
  • Subway: total passenger volume 9 million / month and 300,000 / day
  • Taipei main station: total passenger volume 3,69 million / month and 120,000 / day
  • Intersection Zhongxiao / Chongqing N. Rd.: 2,47 million vehicle flow / year
  • Intersection Guanqian Rd. / Zhongxiao W. Rd.: 2,93 million vehicle flow / year

DOOH Placing: Outdoor Advertising at its Best

Vital brands are looking for the wow-effect to create awareness by broadcasting innovative images to as many people as possible. A unique landmark in the center of Taipei and visible from far off, the xSlider offers an absolutely exclusive and highly effective advertising surface. Its extraordinary construction allows it to run at 90° around the corner. Commercial spots are transmitted over an angle of almost 270°, making them visible from almost all directions.